Over the last decade, Rhett B. Rowe has served numerous banks and credit unions as a high-ranking corporate officer, taking on roles including Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, President, and Chief Executive Officer. He has specialized over the years in the development of new plans for strategic growth and sales revitalization, building and leading new teams and development efforts to marked success.

Rhett B. Rowe took on his first high-level position with a bank in 2001 when he joined Fifth Third Bank as Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Manager, moving up from his positions with Charter One, Comerica, and National City Banks in the late 1990s. He served Fifth Third until 2003 when he moved on to the role of Executive Vice President and Senior Lending Officer at Texas State Bank (now BBVA/Compass Bank). There, he oversaw a 28-member team of Relationship Managers. His efforts led to a 19% increase in core deposits and a 15% increase in loans.

After leaving Texas State Bank in 2004, Rhett B. Rowe joined Arvest Bank as Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer. His efforts on behalf of the privately-owned bank resulted in substantial increases to the bank’s net income goal and a $178 million increase in its sales pipeline. In 2007, Rowe left Arvest Bank and became the President of the First National Bank of Colorado, a position he held for a year. Over that time, he improved the bank’s sales pipeline by $245 million.

Rhett B. Rowe became Chief Executive Officer for Premier Members Federal Credit Union in 2008. He quadrupled the bank’s expected profits in 2009, developed new strategies, completed mergers, and assisted the firm in achieving substantial asset growth.

Most recently, Rhett B. Rowe worked for Key Bank, N.A. as Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Manager. From 2010 to 2011, he led the bank to improved growth by helping to shift the company culture, driving the bank to achieve 111% of its annual revenue plan. His efforts earned him accolades as an “Extraordinary Leader.”


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