Rhett Rowe Discusses KeyBank

August 1, 2012

In 2010, Rhett Rowe was hired by KeyBank as Senior Vice President. Responsible for its commercial banking sector, Rowe introduced a new sales culture, increased sales revenue by $5 million, and obtained the largest account in the institution’s history. In recognition of his accomplishments, Rowe earned the firm’s National 2010 Rookie of the Year Award as well as the Extraordinary Leadership Award.

Based in Cleveland, KeyBank provides community banking in 14 states and offers corporate banking throughout the country. Possessing a network of more than 1,500 automatic teller machines and more than 1,000 physical locations, KeyBank manages close to $87 billion in assets.

KeyBank performs a myriad of services for its clients. Its everyday banking options include checking, debit cards, savings accounts, travelers’ cheques, and gift cards. People can apply for student, home equity, automobile, boat, or RV loans though the entity. The company also advises on investing in annuities, mutual funds, or cash and cash equivalents. Additionally, KeyBank places a heavy emphasis on community involvement, and it encourages volunteerism, civic leadership, and other philanthropic endeavors.


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